I've been obsessed with photography ever since the 9th grade when I took an introduction course and used a real camera for the first time.  By real camera I mean something other than the bright blue Mickey Mouse one with the disposable flashbulbs bulbs I had as a child.  Anyone remember those bad boys?

Since that time I have had dreams of becoming a photojournalist, or a celebrated landscape photographer like my heroes Ansel Adams and Richard Calvo as well as many others, or even teaching courses in the art.  So far, I have done none of those things but I do still love taking photos.

Today, I mostly photograph my kids as they prove to be my biggest challenge yet; sticky, fingerprinted lenses and endlessly moving targets result in more than my fair share of missed shots; practice has not quite made perfect. If at first you don’t succeed...

I am sure of one thing; those rolling hills and ocean waves will never go sprinting out of frame as I'm taking a shot.

Thank you nature!